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Ecuador , Tuesday 25 September 2018

News Ecuador » Esmeraldas: Heated and abandoned: the Ecuador-Colombia border

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Publicated on: Sunday 09 September 2018

The armed forces (the army and the police) of Ecuador and Colombia. State presence of both nations. There is also a new actor: the illegal miners who operate in Imbabura, Carchi, Esmeraldas and Sucumb...

News Ecuador » Esmeraldas: Ecuadorian Navy rejoins ‘Unitas LIX’ exercise

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Publicated on: onday 03 September 2018

Ecuador has deployed the Esmeraldas-class corvette BAE Los Ríos (CM 13) to Colombia to participate in the multinational 'Unitas LIX 2018' exercise: the first time that Quito has participated in these ...

News Ecuador » Esmeraldas: Page Series presents marimba-infused music group Río Mira

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Publicated on: onday 17 September 2018

Bridging borders to reaffirm traditions, the Esmeraldas, an Ecuador-based group, celebrate their shared musical heritage through socially conscious music. With a cultural identity rooted in the East A...

News Ecuador » Esmeraldas: Latam Eco Review: Gold fever in Peru and cryptic fish from the deep

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Publicated on: Friday 14 September 2018

... s beaches Mining concessions have taken over the black sands of Playa Negra in Ecuador’s Esmeraldas province. The mining of the metallic sand in search of iron and titanium is happening on ...

News Ecuador » Esmeraldas: Smithsonian Folklife Festival and Multiflora Productions Present Río Mira’s Washington, D.C., Concert Debut

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Publicated on: Wednesday 12 September 2018

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased from the Folklife Festival’s website. The marimba music of South Pacific Colombia and Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador, traces back to communities formed by escaped en...

News Ecuador » Esmeraldas: Brief: Petroecuador to fund road access project

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Publicated on: Friday 21 September 2018

Ecuadoran state oil company Petroecuador and the municipality of Esmeraldas signed an agreement under which the former will finance 5km of ... BNamericas develops thousands of news articles, analyses ...

News Ecuador » Esmeraldas: Colombian president says former guerrilla group leader injured

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Publicated on: Saturday 15 September 2018

The group was also behind a car bomb attack on a police headquarters in Ecuador's northwestern Esmeraldas Province earlier this year, which injured 28 police and civilians. They are also accused of dr...

News Ecuador » Esmeraldas: Regent Seven Seas Cruises announces 2020-2021 itineraries

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Publicated on: onday 20 August 2018

Before sailing into the Amazon, she’ll call on a new port, Esmeraldas, Ecuador. She’ll then sail north to the Mexican Riviera and the Caribbean. Seven Seas Mariner will sail 117 nights on her World Cr...

News Ecuador » Esmeraldas: Lotus World Music & Arts Festival Celebrates 25 Years

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Publicated on: onday 24 September 2018

Rio Mira (Colombia/Ecuador) Rio Mira -- named for the river that separates ... Latino folkloric musicians from the Colombian city of Cali and the Ecuadorian city of Esmeraldas. The Pacific Coast of th...

News Ecuador » Esmeraldas: Former FARC Member “Guacho” Injured in Colombian Military Operation

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Publicated on: Saturday 15 September 2018

The operation was carried out by members of the Special Forces and the police near the city of Tumaco, in the department of Nariño, close to the border with Ecuador ... northern Ecuadorian border prov...